Tuesday, September 16, 2008

All about this project

Thank you for joining me in Cycle of Hope!

The Cycle of Hope project aims to help young women in Kenya complete their education. Recently, through my interest in Lunapads, I learned that young women in underdeveloped countries frequently lack menstrual supplies, causing them to miss school during their periods. Over time many fall so far behind they drop out, often becoming lost in the cycle of poverty, prostitution and disease as a result.

The provision of menstrual supplies enables these girls to stay in school and work toward the hope of a better future. However, disposable menstrual products are hard to come by and only create more trash in areas already struggling to achieve cleanliness and hygiene. Reusable products such as Lunapads require only access to clean water and, as awareness of their benefits grows, they are becoming widely sought across Africa.

Inspired by another woman’s similar work in Kenya, and with the help of Lunapads and Goods 4 Girls, I’m incorporating a distribution of reusable menstrual supplies into my upcoming volunteer stint in Nairobi, which begins mid-October. My visit to Kenya is based in a desire to contribute toward African womens’ wellness and empowerment, and while my main focus is HIV/AIDS care with International Volunteer Headquarters, I’m excited to bring along Goods 4 Girls kits as well. I will be distributing these through the help of Africa Youth Trust, a local NGO that has overseen similar projects in the past.

Kits are available in two forms: the Lunapads kit for $30, which includes an array of reusable pads, or the Lunapanties kit for $40, which also includes underwear. (Note: one friend suggested the Diva Cup or other reusable products worn inside the vagina, which is a great idea, but not an option in this case due to cultural taboos.)

To donate, please go here for Lunapads or here for Lunapanties.

UPDATE: Turns out there was a miscommunication concerning site setup, so if some of you have tried to donate through Lunapads and found no place to specify Cycle of Hope, worry not; all the Goods 4 Girls kits donated this month are being designated for my project, so your gift will still get to me. And for those who still plan to donate through the Lunapads site, you don't need to put Cycle of Hope anywhere, just make a regular donation and it will go to Cycle of Hope. Many thanks to the Lunapads ladies, for working with me to make donating secure, direct and easy!

Alternately, you can now donate individual amounts right from this page! At top left you can see a "donate now" button. Click there to securely donate any amount you please, via the wonders of PayPal. Please remember, no amount is too small, so if you can only give a few dollars, give a few dollars and do it with pride! Every donation counts and we are working together to create change.

This is a powerful project with the potential to make a real difference in young women’s lives! Thank you so much for your interest in Cycle of Hope. I solicit your prayers and intentions for the success of this venture, and hope you will carry me in your hearts as I go. I’ve never spearheaded a project like this before and I’m excited but nervous! Look for updates as time goes by… and I promise to include pictures when the time comes to pass these kits on to girls in Kenya.

Asante sana (see, I’ve been practicing), Anna

p.s. I leave September 27th on my trip. Please follow my journey at www.hawfield.blogspot.com

p.s. 2 My dad asked when the deadline is. Good news: there's plenty of time! I arrive in Kenya mid-October, and donations can be made anytime up until then and perhaps to the end of that month.


suzanne siemens said...

Hi Anna, Suzanne from Lunapads here. Please contact me regarding shipment of your Goods4Girls kits to Kenya. All the best!

kitengesa said...

Good for you, partner! :)

This is Carrie-Jane from the U(ganda)-Go Girl/Lunapads project. Saw the blurb on you in the Luna blog. Well done!